Make better decisions with a complete overview of the real estate market

Collect all property data and get a complete overview of the real estate market when developing, investing or advising in real estate

Get all property data in one place

Instead of going to 15 different data providers you can get all property data right here.

Search for addresses, explore certain areas or find properties that match specific criteria. With a few clicks you can access property data like BBR, usage, owners, transactions, and valuation for every property in Denmark.
Find all property data in one place
Find and download easements

Find and download easements while digitizing them

We're done spending hours and hours looking for easements, so are you.

With Easement Finder you can find, mark and download the easement you're looking for in just a couple of seconds.

And every time you do that, you're helping the entire industry digitize old easements.

Manage transaction processes and build your pipeline

Keep track of the transaction process across all your properties with a pipeline that you and your colleagues can access anywhere at anytime.

And the best thing? You can find all properties in Denmark and the data you need to evaluate them, in the same tool, which will make it easier for you to develop your pipeline.
Manage and build your real estate pipeline
See rent levels with Lejetjek+

See benchmarks for rentals and simulate new properties

What can you expect in annual rent for the property you are looking into or considering to develop?

With Lejetjek+ you can see rental levels of all properties in Denmark and you can simulate a new property to see the expected annual rent.

You want the most accurate calculations to build your case and assess an investment? This is it.

From effective due diligence to finding new investment cases, Estaid is your go-to tool

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Get ready for
due diligence faster

Save time when preparing a due diligence. Find all property data and download easements with just a few clicks.
Investering - penge i hånd


Find and assess new investments

Explore new areas, find properties that match your portfolio or get the insight to assess your investment cases.
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Property developers

Explore new markets and build better cases

Look for new markets and relevant properties or use the data to build a better case.
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Real estate agents

Find new buyers
and sellers

Build your business and look for properties, that you can help buy or sell for your customers.
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Make valuations based
on the right data

Get an overview of companies and their portfolios when making a valuation.

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We want to change the real estate industry

We want to change the real estate industry, by making real estate transparent, accessible and efficient for professionals.

We are the one-stop shop for property data and a collaborative tool making it smooth to work together across teams and organizations.

There are 10 of us and we believe in making the complex simple and the time-consuming fast. We collaborate with a wide network of competent real estate professionelt to build a platform that can change an entire industry.

Want to know more? Reach out to our founders:
Søren Nielsen, Estaid

Søren Nielsen

Co-Founder & CEO
+45 51 84 24 10
Mikkel Højland, Estaid

Mikkel Højland

Co-Founder & Product Owner
+45 31 66 14 08

Get a complete overview of the real estate market